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Public Protection Bulletin

Public Protection Bulletin

01 April 2020

Please see below information received via the Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) on Wednesday 1st April 2020.

Public Protection Bulletin

COVID-19 Edition 2

Coronavirus Act 2020

The new act covers areas such as emergency registration of health professionals, temporary registration of social workers, emergency volunteers, and the temporary modification of mental health and mental capacity legislation.

Keeping Kids Safe

Child Protection Committees Scotland’s Keeping Kids Safe campaign campaign urges everyone to look out for vulnerable children and young people at risk from neglect or abuse during the COVID-19 outbreak, and stresses the need for the public to join the efforts to protect children now that many of the usual safeguards are not in place. 

Shut Out Scammers

Police Scotland advice - across the UK we are beginning to see evidence that fraudsters are increasingly targeting the public and organisations with emails, texts, telephone calls and WhatsApp messages offering advice and treatment for the coronavirus.

Human rights don’t go away in a time of crisis

Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson blogs on how adults can protect the human rights of children and young people in difficult times.

COVID-19: Information and Guidance for Social or Community Care & Residential Settings

Health Protection Scotland has published guidance for Social Community Care and Residential Settings which covers use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Helping communities affected by COVID-19

An additional £350 million will go to those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding will be made available to councils, charities, businesses and community groups and designed to be flexible, cutting down on red tape to enable them to respond swiftly and according to local need for people impacted economically or through reduced contact with society, including anyone struggling to access food.

COVID-19: Digital service delivery for charities

Created by Third Sector Lab and SCVO Digital, this is to collate best practice and guidancespecific to delivering charity services onlineto help charities stay effective during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Glasgow Sheriff Court

Guidance in respect of Summary Criminal Business – Refixing Diets.

Telecare Service Continuity and COVID-19

Cosla have issued guidance about telecare service continuity.

Glasgow Directory

Glasgow Council for Voluntary Services have compiled a directory of third sector services available at this time, given the changes to normal working practice. It is a work in progress but they are keeping it as up to date as possible. 

Near Me video consulting

Near Me is a video consulting service that enables people to have health and social care appointments from home or wherever is convenient. All you need is a device for making video calls like a smartphone and an internet connection. Near Me is a secure form of video consulting approved for use by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. Guidance is available for care homes, residential homes, housing associations and hospices

Scottish Government information for private and third sector providers about closures and emergency childcare

This applies to providers of childcare who are registered with the Care Inspectorate, including after-school services, holiday provision and breakfast clubs. Last updated 23rd March 2020.

Scottish Government information for childminding services

A separate factsheet has been prepared for childminders.

Resilience resources for staff

Social Work Scotland, Iriss and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) have worked in partnership to draw together resources for social service practitioners and their organisations to support them to think about and promote wellbeing and resilience.

Advice note for practitioners from the Mental Welfare Commission

The Mental Welfare Commission is being contacted for advice on mental health care and treatment related to this pandemic. In light of this, and in anticipation of emergency legislation currently going through Parliament, they have produced this advice note for practitioners who are using the Mental Health Act and Adults with Incapacity Act when caring for patients.

COVID-19: guidance on vulnerable children and young people

Updated guidance from the UK government.

Scam Share

Scam Share is the new e-bulletin from Trading Standards Scotland in which they list some of the most recent scams reported by consumers across Scotland.

Resources for families

Young Minds Parents Helpline

Young Minds’ Parents Helpline is available to offer advice to parents and carers worried about a child or young person under 25’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing, or mental health condition.

Free Meal Entitlement Contingency Plans during school closures

Glasgow’s parents and carers whose children and young people are currently entitled and in receipt of footwear and clothing grants and/or free school meals will be receiving information this week about the contingency plans in place to help replace free meal entitlement while pupils are not attending school. Letters are being posted out direct to home addresses with a £20 pre-paid Farmfoods card that can be used to buy food at stores across the city.

Age Scotland

The Age Scotland helpline is a free, confidential phone service for older people, their carers and families in Scotland. The helpline is free to call and available Monday - Friday 9am-5pm on 0800 12 44 222.

Families Outside

The Scottish Prison Service has suspended visiting due to COVID-19. Families Outside provide support to families affected by imprisonment.

Sexual Health Support and Advice

Waverley Care offers HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health support and advice. They will be continuing to provide support to people who need it by phone, text, and email, and through their live chat service.

Parenting across Scotland

Parenting across Scotland has put together information for families about dealing with COVID-19.

Young Scot

Young Scot has advice and information for children and young people on COVID-19.


A short book on COVID-19 for children under the age of 7.


Childline also have a dedicated area for children and young people.


This contains links to free online courses and activities.


Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. They have created a package to help support children and young people at a time when they are likely to be spending more time online. Families can download a pack according to their child’s age, each pack will contain simple 15-minute activities parents can do at home with their child using Thinkuknow resources. The packs will be renewed fortnightly. The site also has advice for parents and carers.

Information for families with disabled children

Resources and information from Contact, a charity for families with children with disabilities.

South East Integration Network

Multi-lingual COVID-19 information, including Romanian, Slovak, Romanian Romanes & Slovak Romanes.

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