53_Iain Nicholl - Corporate Manager SMALL.jpg                     

Iain Nicholl - Corporate Manager





53_Carol Nicol - Corporate Officer SMALL.jpg


 Carol Nicol - Corporate Officer (Governance)                    






53_Jan Tullis - Corporate Officer SMALL.jpg


 Jan Tullis - Corporate Officer  (Debt Recovery)




               53_Angie Brown - IT Officer SMALL.jpg



Angie Brown - Corporate Officer (IT)             




53_Lee Dornan - Corporate Office (Finance) SP.jpg



Lee Dornan - Corporate Officer (Finance)                            





53_Aubin Mweze - Corporate Administrator SMALL.jpg



Aubin Mweze - Corporate Administrator (Finance/Debt Recovery) 




53_Kimberley Allan - Corporate Trainee Small.jpg


Kimberley Allan - Corporate Trainee





53_Rachel Black - HR Officer.jpg


Rachel Black - Corporate Officer (HR)






53_Karen Huntly - Corporate Administrator (HR) SP.jpg


Karen Huntly - Corporate Administrator (HR)



Calendar - Incorrect Telephone Number

Please note that the office telephone number on our 2018 Calendar is incorrect and our main switchboard telephone number is 0141 331 6650. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Press Statement

Please follow this link to read statement provided to the press 8/12/17 regarding Berkeley Street Bins.