How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

An overloaded circuit breaker will switch off in order to protect your home’s electrical system. A tripped circuit breaker can be easily reset by following a few simple steps.

1. Locate the breaker box which will likely be located in a cupboard or on the wall near the front door.

2. Look inside the breaker box for a circuit breaker switch that has flipped off or is somewhere in the middle between on and off. Some breakers have a red window that shows when the breaker has tripped.

3. Push the switch to a full “off” position and then turn it completely on. You should hear a “click” of the switch when it is on and the power should be restored to the tripped circuit.

4. Once you have restored power to the specific circuit then you should be able to operate electrical devices without circuit breaker problems.

If the same circuit breaker keeps tripping after you have reset it then there may be a problem with a faulty electrical appliance or an overload of the circuit.

Try unplugging all electrical appliances and re-set the trip switch then plug each appliance back in and if the circuit trips, this will be the appliance that is causing the fault.

Tripped Consumer Unit / Fuse Board

The most common reason for a tripped circuit breaker is circuit overload. Typically this means that too many things are being operated or plugged into one electrical socket at the same time resulting in the consumer unit "tripping” or switching off.

Circuit breakers trip to protect circuits from becoming overloaded.

  • The circuit breaker mechanism is designed to protect the electrical system in your home.

  • There are a few things you can do to prevent “circuit overload” in your home.

  • Do not plug a lot of equipment into one outlet. A television, home entertainment system and two lamps in one outlet are probably too many devices for one circuit to handle.

  • Make sure there are no loose connections in your outlets.

  • Turn off devices that are not being used.

By paying attention to small details you should be able to prevent circuit overload and potential “cut out” problems.

If you are not able to fix the circuit breaker problem on your own then contact Glasgow West Housing Association Offices  on 0141 331 6652. If this is out of hours please follow the guidance on the recorded message, our contractor may be able to talk you through the process

Why Does the Power “Trip” While Using Certain Appliances?

If a circuit breaker keeps tripping, the problem may be with the electrical load for that particular circuit designed to handle a certain number of amps. If the electrical usage demanded by the appliances on that circuit exceeds the number of amps for that circuit, the circuit breaker will get overloaded and flip off in order to protect the electrical system. An overloaded circuit can cause the circuit breaker to overheat as well.

Example of “tripped” switches on a consumer unit / “fuse board”


It is very unusual for all power to fail in a property. If all your power circuits and the light circuits fail, there may well be a power cut in the area. Check with your neighbours and ask them if their power is off as well.

If it is only your own property the main fuse may have tripped, in this case contact Glasgow West Housing Association Offices  on 0141 331 6650. If this is out of hours please follow the guidance on the recorded message, our contractor may be able to talk you through the process.


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