269_Chris Ness - Concierge.JPG


Christopher Ness - Concierge






269_Graeme Cowan - Concierge.JPG


Graeme Cowan - Concierge





269_Colin McDevitt - Concierge.jpg


Colin McDevitt - Concierge





269_Joe Carson - Concierge.jpg


Joe Carson - Concierge






Matt O'Donnell

 Matt O'Donnell - Concierge





269_Paul Ferns - Concierge.JPG



Paul Ferns - Concierge




   269_Richie Buchannan.JPG


Richard Buchanan - Concierge





~Robert Andrew


Robert Andrew - Concierge






269_Vincent Flynn - Concierge.JPG


Vincent Flynn - Concierge






269_Shaun Ferns - Concierge.JPG



Shaun Ferns - Concierge





269_Mick Giblin - Concierge.jpg


Michael Giblin - Concierge







269_Paul Baillie - Concierge small.jpg


 Paul Bailie- Concierge                                                                     





269_Jamie Brady - Concierge small.jpg



Jamie Brady - Concierge 




269_Arnold Muottoh - Concierge.jpg


Arnold Muttoh - Concierge






269_Jackie McKee - Concierge.JPG


Jackie McKee - Concierge






269_Jim Loughlin SP.jpg


Jim Louglin - Concierge






269_Gerry Pencovitch - Concierge.jpg



Gerry Pencovitch - Concierge






269_Chris McAroy - Concierge.jpg



Chris McAroy - Concierge





269_George Kadzirange - Concierge.jpg



George Kadzirange - Concierge





269_Stephen Atigah SP.jpg



Stephen Atigah - Concierge






See below detail on how to contact our concierge service:

Blythswood Court
e: BlythswoodCourt@glasgowwestha.co.uk
t: 0141 428 3246

St Vincent Terrace
e: stvincentterrace@glasgowwestha.co.uk
: 0141 428 3247

e: hyndland@glasgowwestha.co.uk
t: 0141 428 3248




Please click here to see more information on current our vacancy.

AGM 2018

Our AGM will be held on Monday 25 June 2018, 6:30pm at the Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church Hall, 13 Kelvinhaugh Street. Invitations will be sent at the beginning of June.

Changes to Fire and Smoke Alarm Regulations

We are alert to the Scottish Government’s news release (18/03/18) and confirm our MC will be exploring options for ensuring compliance. 

Calendar - Incorrect Telephone Number

Please note that the office telephone number on our 2018 Calendar is incorrect and our main switchboard telephone number is 0141 331 6650. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.