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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

It is important to us that all residents live in a safe environment, both within their property and within the common areas of any property we own or factor. The following information is to help ensure safety within your property.

Smoke Alarms
If you suspect your smoke alarm is faulty or damaged, even if by accident, please urgently contact a qualified contractor to attend and carry out necessary repairs. Do not attempt to disconnect the smoke alarm at any time as you will be immediately placing yourself at increased risk in the event of a fire.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service want to make sure your home is as safe from fire as it can be. They provide a free Home Fire Safety Visit where they can help you to spot potential fire hazards, offer advice  and fit smoke alarms free of charge (if required). The visit takes around 20 minutes. To book a visit call 0800 0731 999 or visit www.firescotland.gov.uk

Scottish Government New Legislation: 
Smoke, Heat & CO2 Detectors 

The law on fire alarms is changing from February 2022, which means all homes in Scotland will need to have interlinked alarms. When one goes off they all go off, alerting you to danger quicker, no matter where you are in your home. The new regulations mean homes need: 

  • Smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings.    
  • Smoke alarm in the living room.  
  • Heat alarm in the kitchen.  
  • All heat and smoke alarms interlinked. 
  • A carbon monoxide detector where there is a fuel burning appliance or a flue.

Further information is available on Scottish Government’s website:  www.mygov.scot/home-fire-safety

Common Areas


Fire Safety Advice
The following information should be considered by all residents to ensure safety and prevent risk of fire. 

  • It is essential that your home has a working smoke alarm. If a fire starts, this will give you and your family time to get to safety. 
  • Fire often starts in the kitchen and no-one should ever leave a cooker unattended while it is in use. 
  • Stay in the room with any lit candles and make sure they are kept away from children and pets, and from curtains or other flammable materials. 
  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances not designed to be left on overnight. 
  • Stub out all cigarettes and always empty ashtrays. Pour water over cigarette ends before putting them in the bin outside.
  • Switch off portable heaters when you go to bed. 
  • Close all doors – it can keep your escape route free from smoke and may stop a fire spreading.
  • Make sure you can get out the flat and know where your keys are
  • Have an escape plan with your family 
  • Make sure your cooker is or has been fitted properly by a qualified fitter 
  • Keep tea towels, cloths and kitchen paper away from the cooker 
  • Keep fats and oils away from the cooker 
  • Do not leave electrical wires or cords near the cooker 

If a fire does break out:

  • Get out only if safe to do so, stay out and call 999.
  • Do not use a lift, always take the stairs.
  • Stay low to the floor where the air is cleaner and cooler.
  • Shout to warn your family or anyone nearby – even outside.
  • If your clothing catches fire, stop, drop down and roll on the ground until the flames go out.
  • If someone else’s clothing catches light, use a blanket, rug or thick coat to put out the flames.
  • If you can’t get out, stand by a window and shout “fire” so firefighters can see and hear you.
  • Never open a door if it's warm to touch, there could be fire inside.

Multi Storey & Deck Access Fire Safety
To assist in robust fire safety across our Multi Storey & Deck Access properties, we ask for your continued vigilance and cooperation to ensure common areas are kept clear of obstructions. Please alert our Concierge Teams to any areas requiring attention.

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service has confirmed that in the event of a fire, residents should 'Stay in Place' to allow controlled fire-fighting and evacuation, as deemed appropriate by them, at the time. For further information from Scottish Fire & Rescue Service call 0800 0731 999 or visit www.firescotland.gov.uk.

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service have created the following Community Safety Advice for the general public:

Multi Storey Flats

General Fire Safety Advice

The Scottish Government published a guidance leaflet for people living in high rise properties in December 2019. It has useful information about what to do in an emergency situation.

Scottish Government High Rise Fire Safety Leaflet - Dec 2019

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