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Annual Common Inspections & Repairs Reporting

Annual Common Inspections & Repairs Reporting

04 February 2021

Annual Common Inspections & Repairs Reporting

As a result of our evaluation and interpretation of the current Scottish Government guidance, anticipated duration of the current lockdown period the Written Statement of Services commitment for annual close inspection will not be carried out in 2020/21 period reflecting the national “stay at home” legislation.  

In mitigation for the absence of our routine inspections we recognise the benefit of resident feedback which in these unprecedented times is welcomed in ensuring the commons parts of your home are safe, and secure. Not withstanding the above position Common Repairs that are considered emergency /  life & limb will be instructed, this would be where if a delay in attending could represent a significant risk to health, safety or security, or could cause significant damage to property.

Non-urgent repairs identified are being recorded and upon resumption of routine repairs service, this service will be implemented on a phased basis, we anticipate that response times may be impacted initially whilst our contractors work through the backlog of outstanding works.  At this stage there is no anticipated impact on current Close Cleaning, Concierge or Environmental Services.  While our office maybe closed issues of concern or needing attention should still be raised by contacting reception on 0141 331 6650  or factoring@glasgowwestha.co.uk 

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