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4th Annual Owners Conference

4th Annual Owners Conference

23 October 2019

4th Annual Owners Conference: 3 October 2019

17 owners attended the conference at 5 Royal Crescent, down from last year but still a good attendance. Prior to the start we held surgeries where owners had the opportunity to raise specific issues with staff and these again proved popular.

Owners listened to presentations on a range of issues relating to the Factoring service as well as Scottish Government consultations on tenement repairs and fire safety. These presentations created great deal of interest with a numerous questions from the audience.

  • Confirmation that the Factoring database audit has been completed with 378 accounts reconciled and proprietors notified.
  • Confirmation of factoring duties including: Common area repairs, major building works, modernisation of infrastructure, cyclical maintenance and environmental maintenance.
  • Responsibilities and processes including: identification of works, planning, consultation based on deeds of conditions, agreeing scope of works, procurement of work, ingathering funds, contractor management on site, post work inspection and invoicing.
  • Explanation of how works are procured using environmental services and close cleaning as examples.
  • Explanation of waste management and back court improvements.
  • Investment during the year and future planned investment and cyclical programme.
  • Tenement repair case study and Scottish Government proposals for consultation affecting owners: mandatory 5 year condition surveys, mandatory owners associations, mandatory sinking funds.
  • Fire Safety.
  • Website update and information on an owners satisfaction survey.
  • Setting up an owners focus group to help shape our services.

Owners were given an opportunity to sign up for our annual gas service and reminded about incentives on offer for paying by direct debit as well as reminder about late payment penalties.

Owners were given the opportunity to join a focus group to help shape our services and there was a plea to owners to take their community interest a step further and become a member of Glasgow West Housing Association.

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