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Comments and Complaints

Comments and Complaints

We aim to provide a first class service to tenants, housing applicants, factored owners and others who use our services. There may be occasions, however, when our service falls short of our Service Quality Guarantee or when you may have suggestions for improvement. There may also be times when you would like to tell us that you are happy with the service you have received. 

Your comments, suggestions and complaints are important to us, as they help us improve the services we provide. You can find a copy of our Comments and Complaints Guidance Leaflet here.

You can formally record a comment or complaint by: 

Significant Performance Failures
If you are a tenant (or an individual or group representing tenants), and you have significant concerns about the way we operate, you have the right to report this to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). You should raise your concerns with us in the first instance to give us a reasonable time to respond and/or fix the failure. Further information about Significant Performance Failures is contained within our Comments and Complaints Guidance Leaflet, on the SHR's website and within their Significant Performance Failure Leaflet.

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